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Ward 3 Advocate!

As your councilman, along with scrutinizing the city budget, I will analyze each piece of legislation to ensure it is prosperous and equitable for all residents in Cuyahoga Falls.  It is crucial to the future economic health of the city that tax revenue is fairly dispersed not only in Ward 3, but throughout all wards.  Development needs to happen everywhere.   I will be available, receptive and intimately involved with the needs of Ward 3.  I want to know the pulse of the area!  It is important for constituents to know I am working and advocating for them! I will host "office hours" once of month to meet constituents in person.   Regular communication is necessary!   I will publish a newsletter quarterly.  Creativity and collaboration will be used to solve the concerns in our neighborhoods.  When contacted to address a problem, a personal "follow-up" will occur with the appropriate department.  Expect professionalism and respect with every correspondence!  I am approachable, open minded, and an advocate.   A man of character and integrity ready to serve Ward 3!

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